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Liebenthal Ventures is an angel investing firm / family office with a unique industry agnostic thesis. With 3 successful exits and 24 current investments we have a growing track record of success and are actively looking to expand our portfolio.

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Our Portfolio



(3 Companies)

Loop Pay Logo

Loop Pay (now Samsung Pay) provides a payment technology to allow POS purchasing at 90% of Gateways

Financial Services

Payments Logo

All-in one swag platform. Shop, store, and ship the highest quality swag around the world with the click of a button.


Promotional Products

Wise Telemetry Logo

A leading provider of remote monitoring and services for industrial gasses




(24 Companies)

Accern Logo

Accern helps customers uncover risk and investment insights with No-Code AI

Artificial Intelligence

Financial Services

No Code / Low Code

AirWorks Logo

AirWorks develops AI-powered software to create automated maps from aerial data, building future of mapping for the built environment

Artificial Intelligence



Baby Quip Logo

Baby Quip allows families to rent clean and safe baby gear essentials at their destination and have them delivered to their door

Family Travel


BotFactory Logo

BotFactory allows for the production of 3D printed circuit boards

3D Printing


Fohlio Logo

Fohlio provides budgeting, specification, purchasing, inventory, and product data management solutions

Architecture Tech

Forest Devices Logo

Making stroke decisons smarter, and reducing delays in critical treatment


Medical Device

Go Sun Logo

GoSun builds solar appliances to help cook, cool, charge, light or purify water


Sustainable Energy

HappsNow Logo

HappsNow is a cloud-based events platform that's an easy-to-use, self-service solution, combining ticketing, marketing and event management


Media and Entertainment



Hevo Logo

Wireless charging for electric vehicles

Electric Vehicles

Sustainable Energy

Kwant.AI Logo

Kwant.AI increases productivity & safety, using predictive analytics & sensors in real-time



Manus Bio Logo

Manus Bio provide a renewable and dependable supply of natural ingredients



Matchbook Logo

Matchbook AI is an enterprise data integration, governance and management solution that delivers clean and relevant data across the enterprise

Artificial Intelligence

Data Management

OV Loop Logo

Next generation digital identity, payments and messaging

Financial Services


Smart Wallet

Perch Logo

Perch utilizes cameras mounted to weight racks to measure, store, and analyze weightlifting performance

Artificial Intelligence

Fitness Equipment

Health and Wellness

PerfectQuote Logo

PerfectQuote is Insurance CPQ to help brokers and general agents elimante the data entry required to sell and renew insurance


Prevu Logo

Prevu is a smart online real estate brokerage on a mission to save people money when they buy a home by providing up to a 2% commission rebate


Real Estate

Privacyhawk Logo

Privacyhawk is a personal data protection app that helps reduce peoples' digital footprint and reduces their risk of scams and fraud


Cyber Security


Proteus Logo

The Proteus System is the first fitness device to measure strength and power in 3 dimensions

Fitness Equipment

Health and Wellness

Recess Logo

Recess helps brands acquire customers via event and venue partnership at scale



Ritual Logo

Ritual is an app that provides schedule-friendly, easy-to-follow and affordable relationship guidance with the help of experienced Relationship Experts, and a science-backed method

Artificial Intelligence

Health and Wellness

RookMotion Logo

RookMotion collects data from all wearables, generates data-driven recommendations and embeds those capabilities into health and wellness apps

Health and Wellness


SimplyAgree Logo

SimplyAgree is a signature and closing management tool for transactional attorneys

Legal Tech

TimeLooper Logo

TimeLooper assists in the creation of Virtual and Augmented Reality-based immersive learning experiences



Twiage Logo

Twiage streamlines workflows and accelerates life-saving care for EMS and hospital teams


About Us

Investment Strategy

Liebenthal Ventures blossomed from our family office. We have been in real estate since 1983 and have investments in several metropolitan areas such as NYC, LA and Miami. Additionally, we run a public company hedge fund that has grown an average of 20% per year over the past decade. After fielding success in the previous industries, we decided in 2013 to expand to the startup/venture capital space, further diversifying our risk portfolio. Our first investment was in LoopPay, which in 15 months had a highly successful takeout to Samsung and is now Samsung Pay. We have since made multiple other investments. For more information on the companies we have invested in, please visit our portfolio section. Our thesis is simple and makes us different from other venture firms. We are industry agnostic. If you have a world-class idea/product and you are a dynamic founder, then your organization is a candidate for investment. Our angel/seed investments typically range from $25K-$500K depending on the opportunity.

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Value Proposition

Once Liebenthal Ventures commits to an investment, we are also committed to your success. Our value add can range from operational suggestions based on our experience, board participation, as well as introductions to investors, customers, suppliers, partners, and others from our vast network.

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